Criminal Lovers Part 3 – Part One

Theo Ford is on a roll in this series thanks to the paysite in this episode of murder, mayhem and hardcore sex and he stars alongside Robbie Rojo. ‘Drill My Hole’ gives you all the great fantasies you can think of and goes places others dare not.
In this series so far of the deep and dark underworld there has already been one shooting, one man kept in a cage, and we have seen one man digging a grave for a man lying in a wheel barrow.
What happens in this, Theo Ford has seen a strange man, Robbie Rojo, digging a grave from his window he goes out and creeps up behind him. Robbie doesn’t hear him until it is too late, Theo picks up a shovel and as Robbie turns around, his life goes black as Theo smashes the shovel across his head and knocks him out.
When Robbie wakes up he is sitting on a chair half naked with Theo standing above him. He watches cautiously as Robbie sits down in front of him and folds his arms over the chair.
‘We all have our little secrets.’ Theo says to Robbie and then says ‘and I know yours.’ He threatens to tell the police and as he picks up the phone. Robbie tells him not to be stupid and talks him into not speaking to the police. They both agree to keep each other’s secrets and Theo brings his head down and their lips meet.
They kiss passionately, both men excited with the danger of it all. Theo’s hand wanders over Robbie’s hard body and Robbie fondles Theo’s cock through his pants. He undoes them and sucks greedily on his seven point eight inch cock making sure that Theo is kept happy. Robbie sucks deep and makes sure that Theo’s cock bangs against the back of his throat making him groan with contented pleasure. Theo enjoys it so much he goes down on his knees and stokes and sucks on Robbie’s seven and a half inch cut cock and fondles his heavy ball sack at the same time.

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