Gay Porn with Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid groans out loud and his cock throbs as he bends over onto all fours and Theo licks his fingers and slides them deep into his ass crack. He carries on crying out as Theo licks around his smooth rim and then goes deeper in making sure his asshole is getting ready to be fucked. He sends Johnny over the edge as he licks his balls and cock from behind and then he goes back to eating out his wet hole.
Still on his knees, Johnny is almost sent flying as Theo shoves his hard dick into his slippery wet hole and he fucks him doggy style. As he fucks him from behind he leans forward and as Johnny turns his head around they kiss as they fuck.
As they fuck in different positions, and all around the room Johnny’s ass cheeks turn a slight crimson from Theo slapping his ass. With Theo still driving his cock in his ass from behind as he gets fucked standing up Johnny Rapid dumps a whole load of fresh cum onto the floor below him. He gets down just in time Theo Ford ejaculates and cums over Johnny’s mouth.
Theo sits down, his attention still on his body and nothing else, Johnny walks around him and it looks as if he is going to hug him from behind. Instead, his hands go upto Theo’s neck, the screen goes blank and we hear a muffles and quick cry before it is stopped abruptly.
Rapid is a good looking young man with a great body a six pack, and one fuckable ass. He has black hair, black eyes and is five feet seven inches tall. He is a versatile bottom and has a seven and a half inch cut dick. This is his second movie for, his other one is ‘Eat, Prey, Fuck Part 4’ where he get gets bent over and fucked by Rocco Steel, a mature and muscular tattooed bear.
Theo Ford is a six foot two inch hunk with blonde hair and amazing grey eyes. He has a hairy body and a sexy pierced nipple. He is a versatile top who likes to dominate and has a seven point eight uncut thick dick. Theo has starred in sixteen hardcore flicks with and his first flick was ‘Do As I say’ from November 2014 with Paddy O’Brian and Damien Crosse.

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