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Men of Gay Porn defies the British myth that guys are reserved and backwards when it comes to coming forwards. Men of UK is in the network of, meaning if you sign up for one, you get access to all. Men of UK brings together the hottest British porn of different nationalities in creative and steamy scenes. Even Paul Walker, one of the sexiest Brit guys who appear regularly on the site, has made an incredible name for himself on and off screen. He’s made a total of 37 gay porn tube videos for the company and has been a particular favorite for many with his dark eyes and soft lips. At 6-feet tall with a shoulder tattoo, there is something risky and dangerous about his personality. And, finally, his 8-inch Brit-dick is perhaps what tops the incredible sensation many get when laying eyes on this incredible art of a man.
Mickey Taylor, an incredibly hot canvass of tattoos, is a guy who looks like he’s spent time on the street as a kid. He’s got that wild and confident look that can make your mouth water in the first two seconds. Although he’s got the dangerous look, there is something cute and vulnerable about his mannerisms. So, with these two hot guys, you can only imagine what kind of sex-scene this will be. What happens? Who fucks who?
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The start of this scene took me back to the old cinema days with the crinkly screen, tacky music, and a “preview of coming attraction” with the voice over and 80’s background music. Nice, huh? Even though it’s a spoof, do watch it, (don’t just jump through it!) Now, down to the dirty business, Mickey Taylor has a new look as a white-blonde but Paul Walker looks just the same as when we last jerked off to his image. The trailer for the spoof movie is soon forgotten as we are greeted with two sexy guys touching, kissing, and stripping each other into their birthday suits.
Seeing two of the hottest Brit boys kissing is enough to make the cum flow but as hard as it may be, hold off! This is just getting good. Things really start to heat up when Mickey Taylor begins sucking Paul Walker’s manhood like it’s a Popsicle. He really fucks this boy’s mouth long and hard before turning to his ass to finger and lube it up. Gasping with pleasure, Mickey Taylor really wants to feel Walker’s delightful member inside of him. Taking Mickey from behind,Paul thrusts hard and fast, punishing his asshole like it was given a bad grade on an easy test. Later on, Mickey squats on Paul’s cock on the black couch, while jerking himself off like it’s the last chance he’ll have.
On his back, gay pornstars Mickey Taylor blows his load all over his inked up chest which is soon joined by Paul Walker’s creamy concoction. It’s the end of another explosive scene from Men of UK, which ends as it began with, “Coming Soon”…

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gay porn star Johnny Rapid on the tube

It it time for the much anticipated return of gay porn star Johnny Rapid, who is starring in his 112th feature, over at Drill My Hole. How ironic, because we know how many of you would relish the chance to drill his tight hole.

A host of superb actors have starred alongside Johnny, from Jaxton Wheeler to Tom Faulk. In fact, all of the boys featured on are magnificent at what they do. Our guys are impressive right off the bat, because the talent scouts have a nose for the best.

In The Square Off, Johnny acts alongside Jarec Wentworth. This bright new talent may have starred in less than ten scenes, but he only joined us in June, so he has built up a great reputation fast.

So, what is the deal with The Square Off?

Well, it begins in dramatic fashion, with close ups of both men. They come together immediately (pun definitely intended), and Jarec is visibly aroused. We find ourselves in a dimly lit space, with the boys illuminated by a spotlight, as they move towards a table at the back of the scene.

For Jarec, there is nothing better than getting blown, which is lucky, because Johnny starts to unbutton his pants and ready his mouth right away. He sinks to his knees, and pulls Jarec’s cock out of his pants quicker than you can say ‘Eat my asshole twink.’
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As Jarec writhes, Johnny gets down to what he does best – giving great head on the tube. It isn’t long though before Jarec wants his turn, and he pulls Johnny up onto the table, grabs for his cock, and goes to town.

After 10 minutes, Jarec bends Johnny over the table, and starts to work his ass with his fingers. It doesn’t take long for his thick, hard cock to get in on the action, and he slides all eight inches into that tight hole.

As for Johnny, he cries out in ecstasy, as he struggles to take all eight inches inside him. In a minute or so, however, he is taking it like a champ, and Jarec is no longer going easy on him. He fucks him faster and harder, stopping sometimes, but only to allow Johnny to slide his own ass back onto that hard shaft.

He is soon taking that cock right down to the base, and grinning every time his feels the tickle of Jarec’s pubic hair on his ass. It is clear to see that Johnny cannot get enough of having that big cock in his hole. As cries out in pleasure, and starts to grows sweaty under the spotlight, he continues to work that cock faster and faster.

We promise that you really do want to see what happens next, so make it your prerogative to head on down to, and see The Square Off for yourself. We can only say that fans of messy endings are going to get a real thrill from this one. click here for gay porn tube

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